Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stock-the-bar Bridal Shower

My sister is getting married this summer and I had the honor of hosting her bridal shower. Both her and I are alike with our opinions of traditional bridal showers, and that is that we don't like them. So we decided to change it up. The theme of the shower was "Stock the Bar from Around the World". Each guest was given a country where they could bring the native alcoholic drink or bottle from and since my sister and her husband-to-be both love to entertain this was a huge success. The entire feel of the shower was more of a party as well with music playing, plenty of drinks and even the games were silly and related to the theme.

1. Fitting in with the "Stock the Bar" theme there were mimosas and a mini bar where guests could mix drinks.
2. I designed the invites to be modern and simple and each invite came with a card stating what country the guest had.
3. Even the napkins fit the theme. I found these witty napkins from Outer Layer in Toronto
4. Each guest was given a mini liquor bottle favor when they left. I made the tags that say "I got dirty at Jen's Shower"
5. Everyone was interested in the gifts. Before my sister opened each one the person who brought it would say what country they had.
6. The bridesmaids brought treats and displayed them in martini glasses
7. Soups shots made by yours truly were a hit! I also made those little indicators stuck in a clementine for each food item.
8. The "guest book" was a signed vintage bottle of wine - props to my mom for this great idea!
9. All the loot! 

Now onto the bachelorette party!

{Photo © Laura Clarke Photography - shot with my Canon G9}  

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