Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Favourite Photo

January has been a great month - albeit a cold month - but still a great one. One that has kick-started this year into full swing providing time to organize, plan and get things done for the months to come. Although I've been sick for past week, I still feel energized and excited to welcome February - a favourite month around here! There's lots of exciting news and celebrations to come that I'm excited to share. But first, to end off January on a warmer note, here's a shot from a special collaboration styled shoot with Lisa Ho (more on this to come!)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Styled Shoot: A Simple Date for Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day approaching I thought I'd create a styled shoot centered around a simple date to share with someone you love. I chose a modern colour-palette of creams, blues, whites and peach - with a touch a pink. Easy treats like mini donuts, frozen yogurt with peaches, and blush champagne are nice indulgences and a change from the usual chocolates. Then I added personal touches like the glitter letters, a sweet print, and past love letters written throughout the relationship to reminisce over (and perhaps write a few new ones).

Rose Box: Kate Spade
Two Zebras Print: SS Print Shop
Glitter Letters: Pottery Barn
Mini Donuts: Little Nicky's

Friday, January 24, 2014

Our Wedding: Planning

There's something to be said for your partner during wedding planning. They propose thinking that the stress of the surprise is over or that they can take a breath and relax after planning that perfect proposal. But what usually ends up happening is that they turn into this foundation or rock that helps guide the two during the planning process. When you think of planning an event there's all the things that need to be done, lists that get made, budgets that are attempted kept to, and a bringing together of friends and family to celebrate an occasion. I love events! I love the celebration! I love the planning! And I love coming up with details that make it special and unique. Weddings though are a bit bigger than this. They involve considering and balancing family and friends, huge amounts of money, and decisions that need to be determined long in advance that you need to be 100% on. This can cause stress on even the best party planners and it's the partners who (I feel) are often leaned on most and end up helping keep it all together. This was the case with out wedding planning. It was a blast at times and a stress at times but it didn't matter what was happening, Robin was there with support throughout it all.

I knew I wanted to design and make as much as I could for our wedding. I built and designed a website to help our guests with any and all info regarding our destination wedding. I made our save-the-dates and invitations. And pretty much every added touch at the wedding (like the welcome bags, signage, and programs) I made as well. At times it was stressful and filled with indecisiveness and when I would complain or get frustrated, Robin was right there to offer assurance or help or would tell me that what I was doing was great because it was that added touch that made it "us" - and he'd bring me some wine too.

And as much as he was there to offer support and encouragement, he was also willing to partake in my silly ideas. I decided early on that any wedding planning milestone should be celebrated. So I bought a bunch of mini champagne bottles and whenever something was crossed off we would cheers! Anything from picking our date to mailing our invitations to even getting our first "no" rsvp. And even though he doesn't like champagne that much, he would smile with me and relish in the moment.

That's the thing I will remember most from our wedding planning. Though there were things that went wrong, that I would re-do, or that were unnecessary, remembering how he was such a strong support system throughout it all is all that matters. I know that not all couples will have the same situation but I do feel that planning the wedding together may make each person naturally find their role. In our case I was the planner, doer, and at times, stresser and Robin was there to offer an ear to vent to, to give advice and assurance during each decision and to help hold it all together. So cheers to the partners who are the backbone of wedding planning.

Read about our engagement here

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pretty Little Things

I have moved six times since leaving home for university. Each time packing up what's most important, purging things that are unused and investing in what's needed. Each time I would start to pack I'd come across my photo albums from elementary school and high school. And without fail, I would stop packing to go through each album. I'd laugh at myself and my poor hair or outfit choices, I'd smile at the friendships that are still going strong and I'd reminisce of the ones that didn't last. More importantly, I'd be brought back to moments that I had forgotten. Moments that would literally make me laugh out loud until I cry. And even though I'd waste hours going through all these photos, I'd be left with this feeling of happiness and contentment knowing these moments happened and I'd appreciate what these photographs could do. Then the albums would get packed right up to move to the next place.

The other day I was sorting through my hard drive and came across some photos I took a while ago. They're simple, everyday items that I decided to photograph one day because they're pretty. Stumbling upon them though, brought me back to that feeling of reliving moments and why I love photography so much.

Pretty jewelry holders to keep my necklaces untangled

A tray from J.Crew (the sweetest gift from a friend) to hold my perfume
 samples (which I've only recently started to experiment with)

I don't have a green thumb, but this little plant is thriving on my bookcase! 
Also in the background is the prettiest, colourful clutch.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Toronto Engagement Session: Lisa + Gabe (Part One)

These two are just the best! Seriously the best! First off, meet Lisa and Gabe. They are really (really) in love and they are getting married this June. Lisa and I chatted about ideas for their engagement session, we sent emails back and forth, and we shared an "inspiration" photo-stream on our phones so we could gush over ideas at all times! She really wanted the session to be them. To be full of things they love and reflecting who they are. So we planned a 'Day in the Life' themed shoot with five (FIVE!) locations. Telling a couple they will be taking photos at five locations is tough - also telling a guy he'll need to take photos at five locations is especially tough! But Gabe was up for it and was a pro the entire day.

So the shoot involved an at home session with the two hanging out on a typical weekend. They made coffee, picked at a charcuterie spread, lounged on the couch reading and just goofed around. Next we went to the park where Gabe proposed to Lisa (which is also the same park where the two shared their second date together). Then to Ruby Eats where the two frequently go for groceries. And of course, we had to make a stop in at Bobbette and Belle to have a cupcake and macaron. Then we finished it off at the swanky furniture store, Avenue Road, as an ode to Lisa's interior design career.

To keep things short and sweet (pun intended) I'm just featuring the Bobbette and Belle session here today. Enjoy!