Monday, September 30, 2013

September Favourite Photo

I'm wrapping up September with a photo that is an all-time favorite of mine. I figure why not bid farewell to summer with a very summery photo? I love the simplicity of this photo, the staggered umbrella heights, and the fact that it's yellow umbrellas! Brings a smile to my face each time I see it. Here's to the end of September (er - and summer!)


{Photo © Laura Clarke Photography}

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Looks like Fall

Taking a stroll the other day I couldn't help but notice subtle hints of fall showing it's friendly face. While we're not in full 'leaves-changing-colours' effect just yet, it's still nice to see these beautiful signs that fall is almost here.

The brightest, bluest skies are always in the Fall

Anyone else a fan of the little helicopters that fall from trees at this time of year?

Signs of changing leaves!

Golden colours everywhere!

Love the sparkly water

 And (of course) another sign of fall: Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

PS: all these photos were shot downtown - proof there's lots of nature among all that concrete. 

{Photos © Laura Clarke Photography}

Monday, September 23, 2013

Out & About: BlogPodium

This weekend I attended the 2013 BlogPodium conference for design and lifestyle bloggers across Canada. It was a great opportunity to meet other bloggers and to take in some knowledgeable advice. While I took a ton of photos, I found that these really define and describe what the event represented. (I'm all about details so of course I gravitate towards the pretty displays). This was created by the team at Hoopla Event Design & Styling using Minted party d├ęcor and it just made me think of all the things the conference was about - uniting other bloggers together, celebrating them as a collective group, appreciating creative and unique ideas, and like the bloggers who attended, it's fun, colourful and pretty!

{Photos © Laura Clarke Photography}

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lovelies: White Out

Playing around with camera settings the other day and I decided to snap some shots of some bits and pieces throughout my home that are wonderfully white:

A shiny Kate Spade agenda to finish off 2013 and tackle 2014 with lots of pretty

A pencil gradient study I made in high school provides a nice graphic print next to the TV
A white vignette on our bookcase
A white frame showcases one of my favorite wedding photos
My business cards - simple and classic with lots of white

Perched on a cake stand are the two birds that sat atop our wedding cake.
They double as salt & pepper shakers providing function and a sweet reminder each day.

{Photos © Laura Clarke Photography}

Monday, September 16, 2013


I can't believe we're already halfway through September! Whoa! There's lots of fun projects keeping me busy around here (which I'm really excited about!) and the changing season is getting me antsy for all the upcoming celebrations! With all that, here's a little bit of what life looks like lately. Happy Monday!
Working on wedding thank yous - a lot little behind on these but they'll all be done soon!
(Left) What each morning looks like for me and Bella. (Right) Loving the sights of fall.
Devouring leftover treats from last weekend's photo shoot.

This little one is a seasoned pro at distracting me

My view everyday - lots and lots of editing. Helps when the photos are this pretty though!

My business cards arrived! Things are getting real around here!

{Photos taken on my iPhone}

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Swan Living

As a heads up, this is not going to be the last post involving Brighton views - having in-laws that live there right on the water lends for some pretty spectacular scenes for photos. So once again, I'm posting some shots from Brighton but this time on the lovely swan family that graces the water there. If you live in the area you'll learn first-hand how these beautiful birds live, protect their babies and fly (yes, they fly and the sound they make taking off still startles me). They're very interesting and intriguing to observe and there's a constant that comes from watching them as they have repeating habits. Here are some shots of them from the last visit:

{Photos © Laura Clarke Photography}