Friday, July 15, 2011

A 'Stylish' Bachelorette

My sister's bachelorette party was this past weekend and there were many moments and details that made the day and night one to remember - and in my sister's case, one not to remember!

We started the day with zip-lining.

Next we traveled from our room at the Hilton Lac Leamy to DiVino Wine Studio for a Food & Wine Tasting. The restaurant is open concept so that guests can see the chefs prepare their food. We were seated at a high-top marble table right in front of the chefs. The entrance was decorated in what is probably the biggest wine rack in the world!! - I could only dream of one day having this in my house! The wine was amazing and the food was even better and prepared like mini works of art.

And no bachelorette is complete without some staple attire to honor the bride-to-be. We all donned black outfits and blue boas (they matched my sister's wedding colours). I also created these lanyards for a personal touch that each girl wore. The night was filled with lots of laughs, bubbly, dancing, and gambling at the casino.

To finish it all off we enjoyed a (much needed) picnic in our hotel room complements of Emilie, who also wrote about the evening here.

{Photo © Laura Clarke Photography - shot with my Canon G9} 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

So... I Paint

One of my oldest friends got married this year - I've been friends with her for 18 years so you could say we're like "this" (picture me crossing my fingers). For all her wedding gifts I wanted to give her something extra special so I made her artwork for her new home. I had asked her if there was something specific that she wanted and she said "just do whatever you want". Now I love experimenting with my art but when I paint for someone I tend to try to meet their style more than my own - my thought on this is that they're the ones who have to look at it everyday right!? So I knew she liked abstract-ish paintings, lots of varnish, and her wall colours were light green with lots of earth tone accents. This was the outcome:

1. The Engagement Gift:

"Leading Lines" - Acrylic, Gel medium, and Varnish 20" X 40"

2. The Bridal Shower Gift:

"Blue Haze" - Acrylic, Gel Medium, and Varnish 48" X 24"

3. The Wedding Gift:

"Reflection" - Triptych Acrylic & gel medium 4.5' X 3'

For the last painting I went big (go big or go home right!). I made this triptych painting (three panels) that would go up her stairway. Working with green walls I knew the copper and silver would pop. I also opted to skip the varnish because the metallic paints were shiny enough (which you can't really tell in the picture though). This one was my favorite out of them all and I was so proud of it. I wish I could have kept it for myself but I guess I'll just have to make another.

{Photo © Laura Clarke Photography - shot with my Canon G9}