Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Transition

It's been officially two years since I started this blog as "Style Woes". After not even a year,  I stopped posting. The blog had turned itself into work instead of fun and I felt stressed that I didn't have any new ideas or content so I gradually faded it out. I decided to start it up again, but this time with a different approach that I know will continue to be fun at all times. This time I'll be focusing more on my passion for photography whether it be everyday moments, travel sights or significant celebrations. I've recently started my own personal transition leaving my job and taking a leap into something new so what better timing to start this up again. Please bare with me through the transition though, there's many posts that I had posted in the past which had photos and stories I loved so I'll be keeping those and continuing from here.

I hope you enjoy the photos, cheers!

{Photo © Laura Clarke Photography}

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