Friday, July 05, 2013

Scenes of Toronto

A new month always seems to kick-start me into a new frame of mind. I love the city I live in and I'm always compelled to explore it more and do more with what it has to offer. This month I'm feeling motivated to get out into the city and explore as much as I can. Toronto is full of festivals, parks, hidden neighborhoods, bustling bars, and tops it all off with a one-of-a-kind-skyline so it should be pretty easy.

 Canadian graffiti 

The CN Tower

 The view from center Island

 At the ROM

 Asbridges Bay

 View from the beach

Exploring the distillery

 Photography exhibit



 Gorgeous skyline

 View from the CN Tower

CN Tower (no filter)

 At the AGO

Nathan Philips Square

 One of many colourful skies

 From Toronto Island

  Our City Hall

{Photos © Laura Clarke Photography - shot with my Canon G9}

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