Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Laddies' Annual Secret Santa

For the past three years my girlfriends and I have done a Secret Santa evening where we indulge in too many sweets, catch up with each other, and exchange fun gifts. We've turned the event into a baking gift exchange to avoid accumulating more material goods (and more importantly, we all love sweets). This year I decked out my place with lots of candles, wood accents and mixed metals. There was a spread with delicious cheeses, a signature drink (sparkling apple cider), and various munchies like peppermint bark. We turned the TV to the fireplace channel and cozied up on the couch for a fun night just chatting about everything and anything. A great way to ring in the season!

Aren't my girls the prettiest?

{Photos © Laura Clarke Photography}


  1. you ladies are the prettiest! Wish i could have made it there!

    1. You were there in spirit... and I might have already ate the gift that was intended for you ;)