Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pretty Little Things

I have moved six times since leaving home for university. Each time packing up what's most important, purging things that are unused and investing in what's needed. Each time I would start to pack I'd come across my photo albums from elementary school and high school. And without fail, I would stop packing to go through each album. I'd laugh at myself and my poor hair or outfit choices, I'd smile at the friendships that are still going strong and I'd reminisce of the ones that didn't last. More importantly, I'd be brought back to moments that I had forgotten. Moments that would literally make me laugh out loud until I cry. And even though I'd waste hours going through all these photos, I'd be left with this feeling of happiness and contentment knowing these moments happened and I'd appreciate what these photographs could do. Then the albums would get packed right up to move to the next place.

The other day I was sorting through my hard drive and came across some photos I took a while ago. They're simple, everyday items that I decided to photograph one day because they're pretty. Stumbling upon them though, brought me back to that feeling of reliving moments and why I love photography so much.

Pretty jewelry holders to keep my necklaces untangled

A tray from J.Crew (the sweetest gift from a friend) to hold my perfume
 samples (which I've only recently started to experiment with)

I don't have a green thumb, but this little plant is thriving on my bookcase! 
Also in the background is the prettiest, colourful clutch.

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