Thursday, February 27, 2014

Featured: Lisa's Bridesmaid Ask on Style Me Pretty!

After sorting through over 500 images, I had picked out my favourite 130 from a session I had photographed. A session I was submitting for the first time to the wedding blog Style Me Pretty. I spent the whole day meticulously choosing each image that I thought SMP would love the most - that I loved the most. Around 4 o'clock in the afternoon I held my breath and hit the submit button. I walked away from the computer and took my pup out for a nice walk. Of course, I checked my email throughout the night but I didn't hold my breath. I went to bed full of hopeful dreams. The next day I woke up, had my breakfast and tried to avoid my phone or computer but when I did finally look, there it was. I caught a glimpse of the first line of the email and it included "Congratulations". I barely read the whole thing before I was yelling "Oh my god! Oh my god!" I ran up to Robin in the kitchen jumping up and down and I explained that I had been accepted into Style My Pretty. He jumped up and down with me saying "Yayyyy" and then "Is that good?"

This shoot was a blast from start to finish! Lisa wanted to ask her bridesmaids to be a part of her wedding in a unique and meaningful way so she opted to have a girly date in the park full of treats and champagne. Although there was a bit of rain, the shoot went off without a hitch and the girls were honoured with custom handkerchiefs from the bride-to-be; something they'll have forever and that ties in with the wedding theme.

While this wasn't my first feature or second feature on Style Me Pretty, it was the first submission I made so it will always be a special memory and milestone in my career. My obsession with SMP continues and I'm so excited and thankful for this feature!

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  1. love this idea. ... you are so creative and artistic!!!