Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Happy father's day! Here's to my dad who is the best photographer I know - who's been know to wait for hours to get the perfect wave-crashing-against-rocks shot or to run outside to get the sun setting by the beach while a pelican happens to fly by. He's a lover of the traditional film medium but would gladly take my digital SLR off my hands if I let him. He is also the smartest person I know and is like having a walking encyclopedia around at all times. Whenever you need an answer to a question about why the world is a certain way, he'll know - which made for some of the most interesting and amusing conversations when we were little. He's also had to live with a household of girls which has resulted in activities like this photo below - thanks dad!

(this is my sister in this photo but it's big deal that my dad is colouring so it had to be shared)

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