Monday, June 30, 2014

Port Dalhousie Engagement: Krissy & Mark

Krissy was visiting a friend in the Niagara area in Ontario when she first met Mark. She had traveled from Vancouver to see her best friend and while there, her friend had an idea to introduce Krissy to a guy she knew. She had tried to get him to come hang out with the two of them multiple times and he had declined then finally agreed just to get her to stop asking him each night. After they met in Port Dalhousie they instantly hit it off and their friendship officially began. Krissy had assumed she would never see him again after she had left but he surprised her by keeping in touch and flew to Vancouver three times to see her. After 11 months he asked her to be his girlfriend and they continued a long-distance relationship until later that year he made the move to Vancouver so the two of them could be together. Fast forward two years and Mark proposed to Krissy in Whistler - with a photographer to capture it all!

When Krissy first contacted me she expressed how excited she was to marry her best friend. I could tell from just an email how in love these two were. Their love story was so sweet and their relationship, even through enduring long-distance, was so sound and solid. The two planned to come from Vancouver to Niagara-on-the-Lake for their wedding at an orchard. Since they were coming back to where it all began it made sense to take some engagement photos of the two back in Port Dalhousie. A few days before their wedding we met up on an unexpectedly cold day to take photos near the pier. We went to an ice cream shop (where the two had first met) and then walked along the pier and beach where the two had spent many past dates. The day was great! These two are so full of love and laughs it's infectious.

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