Monday, November 25, 2013

Home Tour: Office Space

I'll be sharing a new series called the Home Tour and I'm starting it off with our office. While our office is in no way a finished product there are bits and pieces of it that I really love. My entire day is pretty much spent at my desk so surrounding myself with things that are colourful and comfortable is key. I'm a huge believer in having a sense of humour when it comes to decorating so I've also tried to add some silly items that even on the worst days make me smile. The little frog prince you'll find on the shelf is a tacky garden decoration that I decided to buy and hide in my bestie's apartment (and I bought myself a matching one too). The artist model doubles as a business card holder and a cute reference to my love of art. There's inspirational books close-by from Tolstoy's War & Peace to the classic poetry of Shel Silverstein. I keep some of our anniversary cards and a vintage map under the glass top. And seeing as the Mr. and I are avid Sens fans, there's a mug of our favourite team.

There's also a ton of items that hold a personal significance and that help make the space feel like a reflection of myself and the Mr. The large black and white photograph next to the desk is of my husband's father from his cricket days. Our large map showcases everywhere we've traveled. There's a photo from our first year of dating and a photo from our wedding day. I created a framed piece of art made out of mementos from our travels. And there's a trophy from a tournament my husband won from his professional squash-playing days.

The space still needs some work but for now it's a great space to work, be creative and feel at home.

{Photos © Laura Clarke Photography}


  1. Where did you get the big map?

    1. I actually got it from Grand & Toy. The frame is from Ikea though. It was one of those massive photos of London. I took it apart, cut the map a bit and then stapled it in the frame (after a couple failed attempts I might add). Hope that helps!