Thursday, January 02, 2014

Bella Outtakes

You may have noticed that I really like to take photos of my dog Bella. What you don't always see though, are the numerous outtake photos that didn't turn out. You see, my lovely doggy has the attention span of a flea so she is all over the place, all the time! While I do end up with some amazing photos, there's a pile of crap ones that are hilarious to look at afterwards so I thought I share them. These are from a recent photo shoot in the first big snowfall in Toronto.

Just as a note: when taking photos of dogs, it's always best to let them run around and play to start with. Let them sniff and explore and then when they're bored of their surroundings they'll focus on that treat or toy you're holding up. Currently, I can't let Bella off leash to run and play (she's still recovering from her second knee surgery) so she's a pent up ball of energy times 100!

{Photos © Laura Clarke Photography}

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