Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Seeing as it still feels like winter and since we are a month shy from our one year anniversary, I thought I'd share our photos from where we got married, Barbados. We stayed at Turtle Beach Resort (known for the sea turtles who return there to lay their eggs each year) located at the southern point of the island. It was a great all-inclusive option with a breathtaking beach and great drinks (they make them strong!) This trip will always be one of my most memorable and favourite trips I've taken. We went for a week with family and friends to relax, soak up some sun and to finish it off, we exchanged vows overlooking the ocean. There were a few moments where I was able to just sit and watch the ones I love enjoying themselves - catching waves on boogie boards, strolling along the beach, passing a beach ball in the pool, or dancing like crazy on a catamaran. Those moments will be with me forever and I'm so grateful for those who were able to join us, it's a far way to go but it was the most perfect way to start this new adventure in our life.

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