Sunday, May 04, 2014

One Year

Robin and I started dating five years ago but we've known each other since high school. It's not like we were high school sweethearts. And it's not like we were good friends who grew up together. No, we didn't really know each other at all. All I knew was that he was tall, funny, played squash and dated one of my good friends back in grade 10. Before even meeting each other, both of us had sworn off serious relationships - he was traveling too often to keep any relationship and I was enjoying being single after being in a long relationship. Our story isn't some fairytale, magical encounter either - I had actually tried to set him up with a girlfriend who had recently broken up with her boyfriend. That night she wasn't interested in him so I kept him company since I had asked him to come out and after talking and dancing and talking some more he kissed my forehead (that infamous forehead kiss that makes a girl melt!) At the time I didn't want to admit I liked him. He was this guy I knew from high school! I couldn't believe it. It was over a month until I saw him again and then we went on our first date. I guess knowing of each other helped the dating process because we talked about all the things you shouldn't talk about on a first date, we got each others jokes, and we just got each other. That day I gave up any hope of staying single and he did too - we knew we had found someone pretty amazing.

Fast forward five years and we've traveled to seven countries, moved in together, got engaged, got married, raised that little pup we both love, and had endless amounts of laughter and love. Trying to remember what life was like before him is hard. I feel like we've been together forever but at the same time like we just started dating.

Today marks our one year marriage anniversary. It's not only one year of being with my best friend but it's five years. Each day I think about how lucky I am to have this guy to call mine. I'm so happy that I found my person - the one who is my perfect match, my compliment and my soul mate. Today, I celebrate that those five years ago I took a chance, jumped right in and fell for that guy from high school.

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