Friday, May 30, 2014

Toronto Family Portrait Session: Mia + Family

Last month I had the opportunity to photograph the sweetest and coolest family! Melanie and Ryan had reached out to have photos taken with their 9-month old daughter Mia to document their growing family. Mia is just a stunner! At such a young age she has such a personality and so many facial expressions. I found that at the start of our session she was just curious as to why someone was there photographing her but then after playing with my sunglasses and being amazed by my nail polish she quickly warmed up. Near the end of the session she was making so many funny faces at me and just having a blast. We spent time at their home, a courtyard nearby and then took a walk to Little Nicky's coffee shop. By the time we started walking though, Mia had tuckered herself out and was in full sleep mode (which was still super cute!)

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