Monday, June 02, 2014

Toronto Portrait Session: Lindsay

I first met Lindsay about three years ago when we worked together at an agency. We've both since left and pursued new careers though so it's a strange thing seeing someone everyday for three years and then not seeing them at all! But a couple months ago Lindsay contacted me to ask if I would photograph some portraits of her for a lifestyle blog she started. We met up in the Kensington area and in true Canadian weather fashion, it went from mild to freezing!!! I can't complain too much though - those grey skies made for such beautiful lighting and skin tones in these photos. Lindsay was such a trooper too and embraced the cold in a few sleeveless tops! It was an eventful day dodging cars while trying to get the shot in the middle of the street, jumping into a nearby hospital to use the washroom to change outfits and then warming up in Jimmy's with coffees. Her blog is called Champagne Dreams which features lifestyle trends and fashion in Toronto and I highly recommend you check it out.

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