Wednesday, April 02, 2014

My Bridal Shower

After our engagement and during all the planning of our wedding there were lots of celebrated moments. Toasts were made when the dress was picked, invites were sent and as each month passed. I also had a beautiful shower to celebrate with all the lovely ladies in my life. Originally, I wasn't going to have a shower but after some thought, I loved the idea that it was another excuse to get together with all my girls - with friends I have grown up with and with family members I don't see very often. Having that time to spend with everyone to catch up, laugh and enjoy the occasion was one of my favourite parts leading up to the wedding.

When it came to the actual shower, I opted for a less traditional approach - my bridesmaids came up with the idea to have a lingerie themed shower. This provided the perfect starting point to include lace details, entertaining games, and lots of drinks. We set up a brunch spread with tons of savory and sweet options. One of my favourite details was a canvas that all the girls could paint on - seeing as I love to paint this was the perfect fit and now I have an original piece of artwork that was made by all the important girls in my life (and Robin added a few brush strokes too). He showed up* near the end with Bella in tow, the perfect finish to such a great day.

*If you're wondering why Robin is wearing an Adam's family shirt it's because my nickname is "Lurch" :)

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