Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Having Patience

My husband has this style or approach to telling me something that happened or that he heard. He'll basically tell me a story by stating one main point and then nothing else. No reasoning why such thing happened, or how, or the outcome.
"My friend's dog was attacked by another dog. It was really bad, like insides all out and stuff!"
And that's it!
This bugs me to no end. I am caught so off guard that I have to then ask "Wait! How?! When?! Why?!" and see how this even happened and, in this case, if this dog is alright! He then tries to give me answers to all my questions and gets frustrated with my intense curiosity and need to know everything.
I've asked him before why he tells me things this way. His response is that he usually doesn't know every detail so he just tells me what he does know, which is usually just one big piece of information. And he knows I'm going to ask a million questions anyways so he tries to just give me the most significant detail up front.

I've always had a need to know details and information - this innate need to be prepared and to grasp the whole picture. But I guess I need to let it go a bit. I need to consider that we don't always have all the information but it doesn't mean we won't get it. When it comes to many things, including my husband's stories, I need to have patience and trust that the information being given is all he has and eventually the answers will come. And the same is true with this business that I am always trying to be two steps ahead of. I need to be patient that it will grow and I will learn and I need to let go of needing to know everything all at once. The answers and outcomes will come, so here's to having the patience to let that happen.

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